Learn how to prioritize and leverage your brand to quickly and sustainably scale your business.


Launching a business is an incredible rush! The energy and excitement that comes with turning a dream into a reality is EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be. 

The first twelve months of entrepreneurship is definitely what I would call the honeymoon phase. This is when your starter money is available to you and you get all the benefits of "new and shiny"

Local news coverage opportunities help boost awareness, friends and family are eager to recommend you in support. Even your time exists in a sweet spot. Sure you're busy, but you have enough time to both grow your business and meet production/client needs.

But then something begins to happen...

Your little nest egg starts to deplete and you find yourself panicking a little. At first you begin making a lot of adjustments, compromises, and exceptions to what you offer, just to close a sale. In fact, often times you have to negotiate price and even then you find yourself having to justify that negotiated price.

With every new customization comes new chaos. You've tried so many marketing techniques and have yet to find one that consistently works for you, but you have no idea what the problem is.

So, you just keeping trying any new tactic  that you can actually afford.  Now you are drowning in all this extra work you've made for yourself, but you can't stop juggling, because bills are ALWAYS due.

Suddenly, you wake up one day and discover...

Your business is not your own. You spend all day putting out fires, scrambling to keep up with inventory, proposals, fulfillment, payroll, sales tax, bookkeeping, social media, and the other ten thousand things not even mentioned.

The worst part about this is that you are working harder than ever, yet it's becoming harder to get sales and find great customers who get what you do and value it.

It turns out all the internal chaos of your brand isn't just leaving you confused. Customers suggest improvements that were never intended to be part of your offer, your "elevator pitch" is getting longer every day.  It's even difficult to find good help  "gets it" and buys into what you're doing.

You spend hours a week on social media and haven't made a dime from it, but you keep at it anyways because EVERYONE says you should.

You think to yourself, "if I just had the time to go back and see where things got so out of hand and where I started to veer off the path, I could get this train back on the right track."

But the truth is, you don't have the time...and even if you did, you wouldn't know where to look or even where to start. You know you need to go back and build a foundation for growth, but  you honestly have no idea what that looks like.

You dream of building an industry leading brand and leveraging the power of passive income and massive impact, but you don't have a roadmap on how to build a brand. You know a logo and "why" are involved, but other than that it's anybody's guess.

You want help, but you're not sure where to turn. You've tried the DIY courses and were left more confused than when you began. You've maybe even used a consultant or a marketing firm, but they wanted you to trade your dream in for something they could sell more easily. You've even gotten free coaching from non profits, which was great for launching, but now you need more specific strategies for scaling.

You see other brands who seem to effortlessly attract raving fans and you KNOW your offer is just as good, if not better.  So, why are you working 80+ hours a week to barely replace your income? If you are ready to play big, then I invite you to join me inside Brand Leader Intensive

What The Heck Is It?

Brand Leader Intensive is a 6 MONTH Group Program created to help you go from frazzled and broke to a legitimate brand with consistent and growing, scale-able revenue streams.

Weekly Video Content

Weekly Video Content with Assignments. No matter your working hours, you can always stay up to date with the group  with recorded videos waiting for you inside your portal.

Live Coaching Calls

Bi-weekly live, video group conference calls. This will cover everything from Q&A to checking in and making sure you are never stuck.

Private FB Group

An exclusive members only Facebook Group with tons of support. Learn, survey, and connect with others in this powerful community.


A Comprehensive workbook with done for you, fill in the blank worksheets designed to help you record your work and move through the program quickly and easily.

Sneak Peek Inside...

Get a look at what will be tackling in the next 6 months

Clarify The Vision

  • Stepping Into your Visionary Role
  • Defining a Purpose That is Built to Attract
  • Identifying a Market that Specifically Resonates with your Brand Vision (How to quickly and accurately create a market research report and how to interpret the data)
  • Crafting a Brand Vision and Promise of Distinction (going beyond the mission statement)

Craft the Offer

  • How to actually Find Your Ideal Customers (now that you know who your best customers are, where do you find more of them)
  • Understanding the Most Effective Position in the market, giving you the  "Irresistible Factor" for Your Audience
  • Refining Your Offers to Maximize Value, while increasing your Profit Margins (yes, we are talking numbers)
  • Packaging, Visuals, and Placement of your Offer (logo to social media)
  • Integrating Brand Identity into a Product or Service

Perfect the Message

  • Advertising and Marketing Strategy, complete with Content Calendar
  • Closing Sales and shortening sales cycles
  • Finding your Voice with Copy that Sells
  • Strategic Partnerships and Contracts (How to leverage other's audiences to grow quickly)
  • The Science of Creating a "Sales Campaign"

The Best Part Is...

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. This program is designed for the business that is already up and running. If you feel like you are SO CLOSE to sucess, you are right. You already have all the information you need to get your business on a FAST TRACK TO GROWTH,  you just need to learn how to access it and translate it into the skill set all great brand leaders have in common.

What Others Have To Say...

"My experience with Zahra has been transformational for my brand and for my new product launch. I know I can trust her to deliver with an expertise that surpasses normal expectations. "

Nicole Greene
Founder, Dream Life Consulting

"Zahra is the perfect coach for visionaries who want to change the world through entrepreneurship and learn the perfected human art of branding from a business and book expert who walks the talk. Zahra teaches you how to fish instead of outsourcing the process of branding. "

Marisa Ortiz
CEO, Global Professional Development

"Zahra helped us tremendously through the journey of articulating our brand. It’s something we wish we had done earlier on in our business. She was awesome at keeping me on track, even with the overwhelm of entrepreneurship."

Mike Miller
CEO, Madges Food Company

" I have two business degrees, but this was the best course I’ve ever taken in business. "

Napthali Bryant
CEO, Sparked University

I Get It...

My husband and I opened our first business in our mid twenties. We began fueled with passion but not a really well thought out plan (although we thought we had it all figured out). We saw our dream slowly get farther away as the small and seemingly insignificant cracks became dire chasms.
It took years and many failed attempts before I figured out how to take the strategies of big brands and create a doable version for small business. But you don't have to struggle the hard way!
It's why I've dedicated myself understanding and now teaching others how to build the solid foundation that brands who stand the test of time have built. In fact I have helped over 50 businesses through the process of crafting a charismatic brand.
At the end of the day, the ONE factor that will determine your success is YOU. Your most important responsibility as a business owner is to create and steward your brand vision.
We see it all the time. Organizations abdicate the responsibility of creating brand strategy to an advertising firm. Yet, the purpose of an advertising firm is to strategically COMMUNICATE your brand’s value and identity, not create it. They focus on awareness and conversion strategies.  What most small marketing firms are not equipped to do is create your identity as a brand- that's your job.

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Bonuses Include...

Sign Up Now and Receive these BONUS offers


$2,000 Value

One Complimentary ticket to a two day retreat in beautiful San Antonio, Texas

Tech Vault

$497 Value

Resource Section with videos, cheat sheets, swipe files, and comparison guides to walk you through the tech

Lifetime Access

$3,500 Value

Once a member, always a member. You will enjoy lifetime access to all course material including updates for the lifetime of this program at no additional cost.

Brand Guide

$297 Value

A Customizable Brand Guide to use as a reference for product creation, recruiting, outsourcing, or marketing


Receive a $500 credit for any package with Glass Beard Design Agency - my favorite design agency EVER!!


Brand focused leaders create industry leading brands.

It's as simple as that.

Brand does not exist in a vacuum.

It's not simply a logo, a purpose statement, or great copy. Brand is a perception of your organization as a result of every experience your audience has with you. Basically, how valuable is your name?  Creating a brand identity is only half the story. Weaving your brand into the very fabric of your organization to create an intentional and consistent experience for your customers is vital. The magic of excellent branding happens when you can create complete alignment between your promise and your delivery.

Simply put, I am here to take your from running a business to leading a brand!

Register Now, Spots Are Limited!

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6 Payments Of



Enrollment Ends Soon!









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