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Did you know you can get more customers and charge a higher price for your product simply by building a brand framework for your business?

Do you ever wonder why some mediocre products and services seem to be crushing it, while your amazing and carefully curated offers are just not resonating with buyers?

Here's the an over-saturated global market, buyers have endless choices. Most buyers can easily find any customization or specialization for way less than what you charge.  This means, you don't get customers because they NEED YOU, you get them because they WANT YOU. 

Desirability is not COMMODITY based, but rather IDENTITY based. 

Consumers purchase from brands with whom they feel their identity resonates with. 

Let me explain... I don't buy Summer Moon coffee because I need coffee.  If that were the only relevant factor, I'd have a cup of the gas station stuff.  As a coffee lover, I'll pay the extra $3.50 a cup and drive 7 miles out of the way because I love the experience of buying, having, and talking about this cup of Joe. Having an experience with this brand gives me something I just don't get at other coffee shops and I place a high value on it. 

You see, without a structured, well planned and executed brand, you will be forced to continue to compete based on price or the same features everyone else has. And let's be honest... as a small business that's not really an option. There is no way you compete on price with the "big guys".  

The big question most of my clients have is, "How can I get in front of the right audience with the right message so they can understand just how perfect my offer is for them?". 

Many of my clients first come to me frustrated and at a loss with their marketing. They feel tired and overextended by the amount of work that goes into each sale. They are busting their tails to barely scrape by, and that's no way to live.

It's why I've dedicated myself to teaching leaders of high quality offers how to build the solid foundation that brands who stand the test of time have built. 

From getting products onto shelves via buyers, securing investors, and even simply moving from income replacement to a thriving business - this process eliminates the chaos of your brand and provides both you and your ideal market with absolute clarity. 

I've spent years perfecting this process with over 50 clients and I want to share my years of expertise with you. 

It's time for you to take control of your brand and stop getting drowned out by all the noise of your  market. It's time to play big and be a brand leader in your industry.

What The Heck Is It?

The Planned Brand is an online course designed to help CEOs and Organizational leaders launch or relaunch their brands with clarity. Inside The Planned Brand we'll cover the three arcs of establishing an irresistible brand.

Video Content

 In depth, recorded Lessons you have access to anytime, anywhere. Never lose your place with a personal portal that records your progress. 

Private FB Group

An exclusive members only Facebook Group with tons of support. Learn, survey, and connect with others in this powerful community.


A Comprehensive workbook with done for you, fill in the blank worksheets designed to help you record your work and move through the program quickly and easily.

Live Q & A

Monthly Facebook Live Q & A sessions to talk specifically about your brand and how to grow your business. 

Sneak Peek Inside...

Get a look at what you'll be tackling in this course


  • Defining a Purpose That is Built to Attract
  • How to take a vision, mission, and core values beyond the page and into a brand identity
  • How to easily find and interpret data to take the guess work out of creation.


  • How to actually Find Your Ideal Customers (now that you know who your best customers are, where do you find more of them)
  • Understanding the Most Effective Position in the market, giving you the  "Irresistible Factor" for Your Audience
  • Refining Your Offers to Maximize Value, while increasing your Profit Margins (yes, we are talking numbers)
  • Packaging, Visuals, and Placement of your Offer (logo to social media)
  • Integrating Brand Identity into a Product or Service


  • Advertising and Marketing Strategy, complete with Content Calendar
  • Closing Sales and shortening sales cycles
  • Finding your Voice with Copy that Sells
  • Strategic Partnerships and Contracts (How to leverage other's audiences to grow quickly)
  • The Science of Creating a "Sales Campaign"

The Best Part Is...

You don't need experience in branding and marketing to get started. This program is designed for the brand leader that is just getting started, or maybe has been in business for a while, but hasn't really tracked sales or marketing campaign performance. If you feel like you are SO CLOSE to success,  you are right! You already have all the information you need to get your business on a FAST TRACK TO GROWTH,  you just need to learn how to access it and translate it.  

What Others Have To Say...

"My experience with Zahra has been transformational for my brand and for my new product launch. I know I can trust her to deliver with an expertise that surpasses normal expectations. "

Nicole Greene
Founder, Dream Life Consulting

"Zahra is the perfect coach for visionaries who want to change the world through entrepreneurship and learn the perfected human art of branding from a business and book expert who walks the talk. Zahra teaches you how to fish instead of outsourcing the process of branding. "

Marisa Ortiz
CEO, Global Professional Development

"Zahra helped us tremendously through the journey of articulating our brand. It’s something we wish we had done earlier on in our business. She was awesome at keeping me on track, even with the overwhelm of entrepreneurship."

Mike Miller
CEO, Madges Food Company

" I have two business degrees, but this was the best course I’ve ever taken in business. "

Napthali Bryant
CEO, Sparked University

Today, you can choose to start creating your tribe of loyal customers...

or you can continue to start each month with a blank slate, worried about how you are going to hit your sales goal.



  • Limiting the impact you dream of making
  • Having to heavily discount your offer just to get a reluctant sale
  • Feeling disconnected from your customers
  • Pouring money into marketing campaigns that give little to no returns
  • Constantly creating new products and services that never take off
  • Not living the true entrepreneur dream of time and money freedom 


At the end of the day, the ONE factor that will determine your success is YOU. Your most important responsibility as a business owner is to create and steward your brand vision. Your identity as a brand is not something you can farm out to an agency- it must come from you! You have something special to share and the world is waiting to experience it.

Are You Ready to Take Charge of Your Brand?

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A Customizable Brand Guide to use as a reference for product creation, recruiting, outsourcing, or marketing

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Build A Tribe

$197 Value

A mini course on how to build a tribe of customers that are loyal and will help spread the word that you've got an awesome offer. 


Receive a $500 credit for any package with Glass Beard Design Agency - my favorite design agency EVER!!


Brand focused leaders create industry leading brands.

It's as simple as that.

Brand does not exist in a vacuum.

It's not simply a logo, a purpose statement, or great copy. Brand is a perception of your organization as a result of every experience your audience has with you. Basically, how valuable is your name?  Creating a brand identity is only half the story. Weaving your brand into the very fabric of your organization to create an intentional and consistent experience for your customers is vital. The magic of excellent branding happens when you can create complete alignment between your promise and your delivery.

Simply put, I am here to take your from running a business to leading a brand!

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